Our Professional Services

This ranges from taking note of your detailed requirements on our initial visit, assessing the optimum design for your needs and moulding this into a design that can be submitted to the Local Authority, as part of a Planning Application. We also provide our clients with a written fee proposal covering our specific services for a project, which includes a fixed fee. It also sets out the associated pre-contract costs in order that our prospective Clients can organise their budget. This proposal also forms the contract between York Associates and our Client, ensuring a good working relationship is maintained throughout the course of our services.

This is undertaken in a friendly, yet professional manner considering the current statutory requirements, your financial budget and what is realistically achievable. We would also prepare further drawings and construction notes for submission to Local Authorities for Building Regulations approval. We undertake ALL the duties on our Clients behalf in an efficient manner from the outset of the project through to a decision by the Council. Our services are normally limited to the application process for Planning Permission and Building Regulation Approval, with our Clients taking on the tendering and project management roles.

Please visit our guide to the ‘Project Procurement, which shows step-by-step stages involved with submitting a ‘Planning Application’, application for ‘Discharge of Conditions’ on receipt of Planning Permission and submitting a ‘Building Regulations Application’. It is especially important to note the time scales and how long these detailed processes can take.

Further References

For a comprehensive Government based guide on ‘Planning Applications’ and ‘Building Regulations’ please visit www.planningportal.gov.uk